Friday, February 26, 2010

He Proved Me Wrong!

The same day I posted that he wasn't pulling up yet, was the very day he decided to show me what he could do! This is what I found when I went into his room after naptime. Yep--standing in his crib!! Now he pulls up as if he's been doing it for months.
And the sippy cup transition is going great!
He's so proud of himself!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Talking and Standing

This week Grayson has really started "talking". We can kind of understand what he's saying. He's really good at "dada" and he tries to say "book", "light", and "D" for Dakota. He points at everything and puts some kind of sound to it.

He has not yet tried to pull himself up, however he will stand and likes to stand if we put him in that position (Lazy!?!). On a good day, he may even try to take a few steps. He's not very eager to walk at this point.
I decided today to drop all bottles completely. I don't really understand this whole "weaning" process. I feel like I'm teasing him to offer him the bottle for some feedings and not for others. So... sippy cup it is! He's doing pretty well--I guess he'll figure it out. As far as solid foods, this child will eat or at least try anything! So I know he's getting filled up on food! By the's soooo nice not to have to deal with bottles anymore--and I have so much extra space in my cabinet!

Mimi made Grayson this cute outfit. I love it with the little knee socks!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend Snow

So we got to try again in the snow this weekend. Earlier in the year, Grayson didn't like the snow too much--however, he was pretty sick at the time. Now that he was feeling better, we thought we'd give it another try. He's wondering what in the world is going on....

He doesn't seem too thrilled...
He seemed okay with this at first until he put his hand down....
not a good idea!! He didn't care too much for the snow this year. Oh well, maybe next year!!
We enjoyed our wintry backyard through the windows, while we sat inside by the fire!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Socks and More

Grayson's newest obsession (besides the vacuum cleaner and books) is socks! I do not understand it, but he can have a 30 minute conversation (while he's supposed to be napping!)--with his socks! He takes them off, chews them, throws them around in his crib so that he can crawl from one end to the other "chasing" them, and then talks to them in his own special language that we have yet to understand.
I've had to start stripping him of any socks before putting him down for a nap, which has helped.
He's not standing on his own yet, but he has started pushing up on things so that he gets his knees off the ground. I'm not quite ready for that standing phase yet--we'll give him some time!

Grayson LOVES anything with wheels! He'll point and say "vrooooooom"-it's really cute!

And this book.... I don't know what it is about this particular book, but he sees it and starts smiling from ear to ear. He'll grab it and stare, pointing with his sweet little finger.

I'm busy finishing up some projects around here (that I'll hopefully share soon) and planning a
1 Year Birthday Party!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Growing Boy

Just look at that sweet face. Grayson loves his meal times! He's pretty much eating anything that we eat now, which makes it so much easier --no more smashing up veggies to "just the right consistency"--this was one picky eater! He loves signing "all done" and "more". We are currently working on "please" instead of the whine that comes along with wanting down.

Grayson is enjoying all of his new toys from Christmas and will happily play for long periods of time. It's so funny to watch him pushing cars around and making the "vrrooom" sound--like all little boys naturally do-amazing!

Mimi and Papa came for a short visit this past weekend. They had fun playing together and Grayson proudly showed off his new tricks. He loves any kind of music and he claps his hands to the beat.
He hasn't really said any words yet, but we're pretty sure we heard his first attempt at "mama" as he was crawling towards me wanting to be picked up. We are really enjoying this sweet little stage and trying to enjoy every moment as we know it will quickly pass.