Wednesday, October 26, 2011

6 months

 I LOVE this girl!  She is scooting around all over the place.  By scooting, I mean with her elbows and her toes--no knees yet! I guess you can call it an "army crawl."  But she definitely gets around and seems pretty content with this method of movement. 

 She absolutely ADORES her big brother.  She never fails to smile as soon as she lays eyes on him!  It is the. sweetest. thing.
No teeth yet!  I am so ready for those things to break through.  Her poor gums are so swollen--I keep thinking it will be any day now (but I was thinking that 2 months ago!).  
She is definitely a "mommy's girl."  When I leave her with her daddy, she curls her lip under and cries a really pitiful cry--breaks my heart.  She doesn't like to take a bottle, but she will take one--but only from mommy!  (Really?  Doesn't that defeat the purpose?!?)  She's a little stinker.

 I'll give you a sneak peek of what she's going to be for Halloween:
Grandma came for a visit last weekend and brought this little outfit. Precious.
Here are her stats from the doc:
Weight: 15 lb. 10.6 oz. (45%)
Length: 27.5 inches (95 %)
She is still taking 3 naps a day and sleeping 12-13 hours at night.  She is a really good eater--3 meals a day with an extra feeding at night.
Please slow down, sweet girl, you're growing up too fast!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Birthday Weekend

 Last weekend we traveled to Clinton to celebrate Grandmama and Daddymac's birthdays.  They conveniently have birthdays a few days apart so it's a nice excuse for everyone to get together.  There is hardly a dull moment since the 2 girls have joined us and Grayson is always so eager to entertain. 
Caroline was very fascinated with Abby Ruth's hairbow.  And Grayson, well, he was just being Grayson....

 Caroline succeeded in ripping off AR's hairbow, so AR didn't seem to mind trading it for Sophie the Giraffe


 Grayson entertained us with his version of "The Lonely Goatherd" using Mimi and Papa's antique puppet. 
 This is what Caroline looks like after Mimi attempts to feed her dinner.  I assure you that it is no easy task!
 Grayson and AR watching the train--still one of Grayson's favorite activities at Mimi and Papa's.
 Grayson still lets Grandmama hold him--she is such a great playmate!

 Caroline had her first ride in the beloved swing.  She was a little confused but seemed to enjoy it. 

 Caroline with the birthday girl.
 After dinner, Grayson was having some playtime with AR--I'm sure she was probably captivated by all of his activity.

 Grayson was so incredibly tired in these pictures.  He was literally asleep within a few minutes of getting in the car to head home. 
Happy Birthday, Daddymac and Grandmama!!  Thanks for such a fun weekend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A New Toy

 Since this child loves to put ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in her mouth...
And she finds a way to get it even if it's out of her reach...
 She got a new toy.
 Thank you, Sophie the Giraffe, for making my life just a little easier.
Happy 1/2 birthday, my sweet girl!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lazy Weekend

 There is hardly a "lazy" weekend around here.  However, we didn't have anywhere to go, so we just enjoyed being home and getting some things done.  My Saturdays typically consists of running all the errands that I didn't get to do during the week (grocery shopping, etc.)--between feedings--so I'm mostly in and out.  At the times when I'm home, Chad hurries outside to work on some of his ongoing projects--working in the yard, painting furniture (for me--he's so sweet to do that!), or whatever he feels like working on.  It's pretty much tag-team the whole day. We did slow down to watch the Clemson game with some friends.  And although I hardly got to watch it, as I was tending to the kiddos, it was so nice to hang out with friends together as a family.

 And here are some Sunday morning pics.  Sundays are usually a little more laid back.  We try to get some rest after church and just enjoy the kids. 
 Grayson is super fun right now!!  We can actually have a conversation with him and it is so precious.  He makes us laugh so much!!!   And Caroline is just in awe of his every move.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Playgroup at our House

 We are so blessed to be a part of a church where there is an ever-growing number of families our age.  All of us stay-at-home mommies get together every Wednesday for one big playdate.  We take turns at each others' house, so this past week we were hosting!  I've always been too busy to take any pictures, but this time I was determined to snap some pics so that I could show Chad what it looked like.  So I thought I'd share on here as well. 

 There are about 15 of us ladies (and I'm sure that number is wrong because this number is always growing!) and about 26 kids (again, this is an estimate).  So whenever we all show up, it is quite a crowd!  This past Wednesday there were only 9 mommies and their kids, so a little bit smaller of a group.  However, it was still pretty crazy with kids and toys scattered everywhere. 

 It is so great for Grayson to have practice sharing all of his toys.  This is something we're really working on right now--sharing and keeping his hands to himself. 

We LOVE it when our friends are here and all these toys get some good use!!  We look forward to our playgroup each week and we're so thankful to the Lord for all of our friends!!