Monday, September 13, 2010

Fun with Cousins

It was so much fun to see Grayson with his cousins all week. Noah is 2 and Sophie is almost 1!! Noah and Grayson really played well together this time and even gave each other LOTS of hugs!! I can't believe I didn't get a single picture of them hugging!

The ONLY little Hayes girl--isn't she the cutest tiger fan?!?

We attempted to get a nice picture, but it was nearly impossible to get them all 3 looking at the camera at one time. This one pretty much defines their personalities for now, though.

Pops paid for all the kiddos to ride some of the rides at the pavilion. They loved it!!

Grayson didn't care too much for the swimming pool--the water was really cold! Oh well, Noah and Sophie didn't mind it!

All the boys taking some time out to read some books--how cute!

We went to a park one afternoon so the boys could run around. Grayson misses his cousins already. I wish we could live closer so they could spend lots more time together! We're looking forward to the holidays already!

Beach Fun 2010

We spent last week visiting with Chad's parents in Little River. Since they live a few minutes from the beach, we headed out to the beach almost everyday. This was Grayson's first time playing in the ocean and he loved every minute of it!!

He was a little unsure of the waves at first, but quickly figured it out and loved it! They would crash on top of him and he'd just get back up and keep waiting for more!

He spent most of his time chasing the birds--he thought they were so funny! I guess he's never been that close to a bird before.

This is what he looked like within 2 minutes of leaving the beach the first day. He was completely exhausted!
I'll have to do another post on Grayson's time with his cousins. That was another exciting part of our trip!