Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New closets!!

This past weekend we finished up Grayson's closet and my laundry room closet.
Some of you may be a little confused as to why I am so excited about this, but until you live in an old house, you don't appreciate the idea of storage!!
The closet in Grayson's room has always been there, but had no practical storage--basically it was just an open space with one wood board and a bar. So, we ripped out what was there, refinished and repainted it, and added our own storage system. So...ta da!! He now has a closet. It's a little empty now but I'm sure it will fill up fast once he's here!

Notice the white "dress" hanging--it's the outfit I came home from the hospital in. My mom gave it to us as a suggestion that maybe Grayson can come home in it. However, I don't think Chad will be able to handle Grayson wearing a dress with lace--he will definately have to have something a little more manly. Sorry mom!

Now for the laundry closet. I can hardly call it a "laundry room" because I'm just not lucky enough to have a whole room specifically designed to do the laundry. But..we're thankful for what we do have. And now, thanks to my handy husband, it is a very efficient, practical space to store my cleaning supplies and do the laundry. I even have my very own utility sink which will come in very handy when I start washing stinky diapers!!
I wish I had a "before" picture, but the space was really so nasty I just never thought of taking a picture. However, I am so appreciative for this new space!!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

31 weeks!!

Here I am at 31 weeks. I am not crazy about posting belly pictures of myself but I have had several requests, so here you go. I can't believe I only have 9 more weeks (or less)!!
This weekend I had a boost of energy to clean--I didn't realize this "nesting" phase would begin so soon. I'm hoping it doesn't last the whole next 2 months because I think I might drive Chad crazy!!
He's been working so hard to try and get things finished up before Grayson gets here. We painted the laundry room and Grayson's closet this weekend, so we'll be getting those organized next weekend. I can't wait to hang Grayson's clothes in his closet!!
He'll be here so soon. I'm trying to force myself to not work so hard and enjoy my rest because I know things will drastically change once he's here.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I apologize for my lack of blogging. Hopefully when Grayson gets here my life will be a little more interesting and I'll have more things to share.

Chad and I had a great Christmas and New Year. We traveled to North Myrtle Beach to see his family for a few days and stopped in Clinton for a few days on our way home. It was nice to finally have another girl at my house this year since my brother is newly married. And Andrew is dating someone--so we were very excited about that (although we haven't met her yet)!
We were so ready to get back home and have some time to get things done around the house before heading back to work. The laundry room is almost finished and I need to post pics of that. It's going to be so much better than it was--and we'll even have a utility sink so that I can wash Grayson's cloth diapers that I am going to bravely try!!!

We gave each other a new washer and dryer for Christmas--which I am absolutely loving!!! One day hopefully we'll be able to give each other normal gifts for Christmas--and not gifts for the house!! I'll post some pics soon.

I've been trying to get Grayson's nursery organized. I made some pictures with Grayson's initials--they turned out pretty cute.

This is a picture of his dresser (which will be his changing table for a while). Chad did a great job refinishing it for me. I finally got curtains up over Christmas! It's starting to come together. He'll be here in 10 weeks--so hard to believe!!
The funniest thing happened last night (at least to us)--we were sitting on the couch and Chad noticed that my belly suddenly took on a different shape--one side was alot higher than the other--it was really weird. Then we could feel a butt sticking up on one side and head on the other side--2 hard knots!! Then, I started to feel a steady movement--Grayson had the hiccups!! That's the first time I had felt that and it was so neat!! He hiccupped for a while until I sneezed a few times and I guess it scared him!! So cute!!