Monday, February 23, 2009

Baby Grayson update

Sorry, no picture this time. I just wanted to update everyone on what is happening with little Grayson these days. My due date is 4 weeks away, however, the doctor said Friday he thinks Grayson may be a few weeks early!! So... this means he could come anytime!!! For those of you who are interested and who understand the language (which I don't even think I do half the time): I am 80% effaced and the baby is in position. I am not dilated yet at all, so that's good.
I would like for Grayson to stay in as long as possible --just for him to get a little bigger. The doctors also think he may be on the small side, so hopefully he'll have some time to gain some more weight.
However, the Lord is in control and we are so thankful for that!!!
We'll keep you updated on any new happenings!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prego Friends

There are 4 girls on my kindergarten team that are pregnant! So here we all are! I'm due in March, Tricia's due in April, Heather's due in July, and Meghan is due in August!! Crazy!