Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Week # 2!!!

We made it through 2 full weeks! Wow-they have been exhausting at times but we are loving it!! My mom was here for a week to help out while Chad went back to work. I am so thankful for her willingness to come and clean, do laundry, and cook ---she was such a blessing!!
This is my first week all by myself! So far, so good. We're getting on a 3 hour feeding routine, which has helped tremendously as far as him going down for naps. He's doing okay at night, it's a little unpredictable at this point. Unfortunately we haven't a long stretch of sleep again in a few days. Last night he woke up every 3 hours to eat and I put him right back down--so we got reasonable sleep. If we can keep that up, I'd be happy.
Here are some pics from his second week. We can't believe how much he has changed already and even outgrown some of his clothes!!!
We had lots of visitors this week! He got to meet Emily and Lydda Grace, Uncle William, Aunt Bonnie, and Uncle Andrew!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grayson's First Week

Yay!! We made it through the first week!! We had quite a few bumps in the road. Poor little Grayson lost 1 pound in the first few days. He was not getting enough milk, which created a very fussy baby!!! Chad and I had no sleep the first few nights. So I had to supplement with formula for a few days. We noticed an immediate difference and were so happy to have a content baby that would sleep 5 hours at night!!! He is now completely off of supplements and nursing wonderfully!!! God was so faithful to get us through those hard times!! I'm so thankful for Chad--he was such a big help and encouragement to me!!!

We are loving having little Grayson home and getting to know him more and more each day. He's changing so much!! Chad was so sad to go back to work this week. My mom is in town now to help out. I've been working hard to get Grayson on a schedule and he's doing great!!! He is consistently sleeping 6-7 hours at night already!!! We are thrilled!! I'm just hoping it doesn't wear off!! Here are some pics of Grayson's first week:

Grayson's first walk

Meeting great-grandparents

Meeting Uncle Sean
Napping with daddy

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby Grayson is here!!

Grayson Paul Hayes

March 15, 2009 at 6:30 pm

8 lbs. 5 oz.

20 inches long

Grayson was born Sunday night after 1 sleepless night and 2 trips to the hospital!

Mollie's contractions started Sat. night around 9pm and steadily progressed throughout the night. We went to the hospital at 5:30 am and were sent home with pain meds. Mollie was only dilated 1cm and they thought it was probably false labor. Well...3 hours later (and lots of pain!)we were back to the hospital to discover that she had dilated to 5 cm!!! "Let's go have a baby!!" was the doctor's response. They immediately admitted her and got her epidural started. Mollie was extremely tired all day Sunday from not sleeping at all the night before so the doctor wanted her to get lots of rest so she'd be ready for the pushing. The epidural was great!! After waiting and waiting...she was ready to push at 5:45pm. Grayson was born at 6:30pm!!! We were so happy that everything went so well for the delivery and our healthy baby boy was born!!

We have enjoyed every single second just holding him and staring at him!!! It truly is amazing!
We will have more pictures and updates posted soon!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And the tree came down....

We have this massive oak tree in our front yard that has some decay in it. We've been worried about it for a few years now since there are some major limbs that hang over the house. We had some arborists come look at it and they suggested to have it down.
It was bittersweet because we really hate to see a beautiful oak tree go, but we do feel more relieved now.
It was very entertaining watching the men work--pretty amazing!
Can you imagine having this job?!? Yikes!! I think he's taking a break!
Last limb!! We couldn't believe that they had the whole tree down and the stump was ground in one day!!
Here's the house with no tree!! Pretty sad. We have lots of sunlight, though. This is a big change for us and one we'll have to get used to! We have a big landscaping job ahead of us this spring!! I know Chad's mind is spinning with ideas!! Unfortunately, we didn't finish all the work on the outside of the house that we had planned to do before Grayson got here. We still need to hang new shutters and hardware soon. That will help! We'll keep you updated on the progress of the yard.