Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Spring Break!?!

Spring break has come and gone! I'm not too sure I would call it a "break". However, I did get to sleep to 7:30 each morning--which is really good for me! I painted the kitchen and the sunroom. We also kept a dog all week --which was nice for Dakota to have a playmate. I could really get used to not going to work every day!! 4 more weeks of school before the summer is here!
Last weekend, a 7 month old spent the night with us. (This is Grace--she belongs to the girl I team teach with).

We had the best time playing with her!
Chad didn't get too much work done on the house--he was too busy loving on her! It was really sweet!

Dakota was so curious and interested in all the new toys!
House Update:
My parents came afew weeks ago and Chad and my dad were able to build the sunroom floor. Now it is completely level with the rest of the house and ready to be tiled! We will tile both the sunroom and the kitchen. This will probably happen in early May.I am very anxious to get this room finished. Thanks so much to my dad who knows how to do everything!!!

After tiling, we will still have lots of work to do. We are remodeling the laundry room and building a window seat. This will give me much more storage which is always necessary in an older home!

We are almost done with the master bathroom. This was quite a project!! All we have left to do is crown molding, new window, shower fixtures, and a shower door. We will get there eventually but at least it's functional right now and 100% better than what we had!! Here's pics for now, but I'll post more when it's completely done.