Saturday, March 19, 2011

Our little Cowboy

Grayson is wearing his new PJ's he got from Uncle Willy and Aunt Bonnie for his birthday. He doesn't smile for the camera, but he says "cheese".

I love how the back of the pajamas have a cowboy hat!! So cute!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Celebration

This past weekend we celebrated Grayson's 2nd birthday with the Trammell side of the family. Everyone was there--Mimi, Papa, Grandmama, Daddymac, Aunt Bonnie, Uncle Willy--even Uncle Andrew and his girlfriend Sarah came from Nashville. We all had such a fun weekend together! Aunt Bonnie made Grayson this amazing Cookie Monster cake and Grayson was so excited when he saw it!!

Grayson enjoyed this party much better than his 1st birthday!! He loved all of the attention and kept us laughing the whole time!

He opened presents with Papa,

He played in his new tent with Mimi,

and even Grandmama had a turn in the tent!!

He also spent some time with Daddymac.

After his party, we all participated in the annual "Mac Hunt". Daddymac has always made a special egg hunt for us through the years--where we get to hunt for eggs that have money in them!! So, of course, none of us could resist . We all hunted eggs! Grayson also loved it and caught on very quickly!! We had to celebrate Easter very early this year since we won't be able to get together--several of us will be a bit preoccupied with the new little ones!!

Here we are with Caroline Grace and Abby Ruth! This is the last time we'll see Bonnie and William before the girls are born!! It's so hard to believe that the time is almost here!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Completed Projects!

I made a rag wreath for Caroline's room to put over her bed. It ended up being a very easy, inexpensive project and I love the way it pulls all of the colors together.

I also made the wall plaques above her crib. As for the empty picture frames, I plan on a set of her footprints in one and a picture of her in the other--but of course that will have to wait for now.
So Caroline's room is pretty much complete except for adding crown molding (which will hopefully happen before she arrives).

I found these simple baskets on clearance at Hobby Lobby and thought they would make the perfect, matching Easter baskets for Grayson and Caroline. So I had Chad's mom monogram their names on a piece of fabric and I added them to the liner using buttons. Grayson has already been practicing "egg hiding and hunting" this year.

And, last but not least, Chad painted the shelf that Papa made for Grayson to store books above his bed. The shelf has worked out perfectly as Grayson now has something to do as he hangs out in his bed when he wakes up early in the morning or early from a nap (and mommy is not yet ready to get him up!).
I told Grayson to smile and this is what I got:
While pointing to his smile, he said "Cheese!"

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Peek at the Nursery

Here is our little girl nursery. I still have to hang some things on the wall, so it is not quite finished. I kept the wall color the same because I LOVE the blue!! The bedding actually has lots of girly colors in it, so it made it easy just to blend right in.
Once again, the lighting is terrible. Either I don't know how to take pictures, or our house is just dark!

I made a couple of throw pillows for the bed. My mom made the matching bedskirts that turned out beautifully.

I've had a few projects I've been working on lately. I made this diaper bag and wet bag for sweet Caroline.
Oh by the way--her name is CAROLINE GRACE, if you didn't already know.
Chad's mom came last weekend, so she monogrammed lots of things for me.
I'll share afew other projects soon if I can ever get them finished.
Is life always going to be this busy?!?