Friday, July 6, 2007

It's July Already?!!??

Wow! Our summer is going by so quickly!! This past weekend we traveled to Hartsville, SC for Leslie Gardner's wedding. It was so much fun to get to see some of our friends from college that we haven't seen since last summer! I hate that we all live so far apart from one another. Leslie looked beautiful and happy to finally be getting married!!!

She is now Mrs. Leslie Johnson!! To see more pics, click here:

Chad and I got to stay with Lara and Benson at her parent's house, so that was so much fun catching up with them!!!

After the wedding, we headed to Little River, SC to stay with Chad's parents. They live about 5 minutes from Cherry Grove Beach, so enjoyed being beach bums for a few days and taking Dakota out to swim. Dakota absolutely loved every minute of the beach!! It was so cute watching her and Chad swim together. Dakota adores Chad!!

For more beach pics, click here:

Now, we're back home--back to reality. I'm finished teaching summer school, so I have the rest of July to relax and do some babysitting. Chad is back to work until the end of July. We'll be leaving July 24 for our vacation out west. We're super excited!! We'll be flying into Vegas and then driving to Sedona, Arizona, to the Grand Canyon, to Glen Canyon, to Bryce National Park, UT, to Zion National Park, UT, and then back to Vegas. It will be a very busy road trip---but I'm sure we'll enjoy every minute of it!! We're sad we can't take Dakota with us, though. I'll have to update you with pictures as soon as we get back. Let us know if any of you world travelers have some suggestions for "must-sees" while we're on our trip!