Thursday, June 21, 2007

"Leftovers" at Chick-Fil-A

Okay, so I'm going to try to at least do monthly highlights --so here we go!!! Yesterday we made it to our second Chick-Fil-A Grand Opening!! For those of you who don't know, for every grand opening, Chick Fil-A gives away 52 free #1 value meals to the FIRST 100 people. But... you have to camp out and be a part of all the fun!! So, why not? Free food and free night of entertainment!!!

So... we do all we can to rush and make it on the "first 100" list. Unfortunately, when we arrived at 12:15 (noon!!), I was number 105. I was with a friend, Johanna, who was 104. So... the deal is, they will take up to 115 and hope that people will break rules or drop out. You are not allowed to leave the grounds once signed in, so when they do role call (every few hours), you must be there or you're disqualified!!! The remaining 15 people on the day of the opening, are told they will be able to participate in a raffle where they give a way about 5 more 52 free meals. Hence the name "Leftovers"--that was the name of our group! So, we decided to take the risk and stay. Poor Chad....he was number 115---last but not least!!!

So we set up our tent and put on our dancing shoes for a full night of fun--for free!!! They had a christian band for a few hours, then a D.j. with games and dancing!!, then they showed a movie on a large screen. It's so much fun hanging out... but you have to be prepared for very little sleep. And that is exactly what happened!!! The little kids decided to stay up all night playing 4 square and running around making LOTs of noise--but, oh well, the price you pay!!

It was all worth it in the morning! We wake up, pack up our tents, and get in line for our final role call to see if anyone is missing and we might have a chance of being bumped up into the first 100 (sorry Chad--fat chance!!). Unfortunately, all were there, but FORTUNATELY.. they announced that "It is my pleasure to tell you that ALL of you here today will recieve the 52 meals!!!" Yayayayayaya!! No raffle!! No waiting around!!! It was all worth it--we were so relieved!! And sweet Chad brought up the rear and was given a large, stuffed Chick Fil A Cow--the only one given away that day!!! Dakota has a new playmate!! We had a great time and I would strongly encourage you to..... EAT MOR CHIKIN!!!!!!
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Monday, June 4, 2007

first time for everything

Okay, so this is our first blog entry!! I know, we're a little behind, and I'm not even sure how good I'll be about keeping it updated, but I will give it a try!!
To catch you up a little...
Chad and I are now happily settled in Marietta, Georgia. We bought a house in an older, historic area 2 years ago and it has kept us EXTREMELY busy!! However, we have learned more than we ever thought we would know ( to install a new bathtub and toilet, plumbing, electric, tile, refinish floors, etc.) and Chad continues to amaze me in his ability to work so hard on something and not give up!! I usually end up being his sidekick and just handing him the tools he needs, but I think he does actually appreciate my input every now and then.

We have a church family in Woodstock, which we joined a year ago and we absolutely love the expository Bible teaching, intense studies of Biblical doctrine, and fellowship with others our age!!!! God has taught us so much and we are so thankful for ALL the blessings He has given to us!!

Chad is still working for an engineering firm as a landscape architect and seems to enjoy it most days. I am teaching Kindergarten at an elementary school in Smyrna. I absolutely love it--I am team teaching (yes-me, another teacher, and a parapro in one room!!!--unbelievable!!) and I have to say that teaming makes all the difference in the world!!! Our class is mostly Hispanic children and they are precious!

Last year, we got our first family dog!! She's a golden retriever named Dakota and she has been such a joy!!! She has kept us very active and we just love to laugh at how much personality she has. She's 80 lbs (1year!!) and spoiled rotten!!

So..back to the remodeling because I've had lots of requests for pictures. So far, we have refinished all the floors, totally gutted and remodeled the kitchen, painted all rooms, totally gutted and remodeled the guest bathroom, landscaped the front yard, built a fence for the back yard, and tiled a fireplace. Our next project is to put a new floor in our sunroom--hopefully this summer, and totally gut and remodel the master bathroom--hopefully this fall/winter. Then in the spring of next year, we will paint the outside of the house. I'll try my best to keep this updated!!

kitchen- before (hideous wallpaper!) kitchen--after--we removed a wall to put an island

guest bathroom--before guest bathroom- after