Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Trammell Weekend

 Last weekend we enjoyed a nice visit with the Trammell side of 
the family.  

The girls are walking now so things have become a lot  more active AND entertaining.

 So this is what we do at Mimi and Papa's house...

 We do a really good job of trashing their house!
Of course the girls had to wear their matching outfits everyday that we were together.

 2 squeaky clean baby girls after bathtime...


Thanks Aunt Bonnie for all of the AWESOME pictures!  She has a nice camera now, so she is very sweet to capture all of the action when we're together!

Monday, May 14, 2012

13 Months

                        Just a little update on our sweet girl, who is now 13 months old!
                         First of all, she is walking EVERYWHERE, and it is now her preferred mode of

 She LOVES Pat the Cat and Pat the Bunny.  These are always the first books that she grabs and she brings them to us while saying, "this this".  
Please take note of the poor baby doll on the floor.  This is her absolute favorite doll ( which was actually one of my very first dolls).   She walks around holding it and "talking" to it (often in a whisper voice)--it's too cute. 
Digging through her diaper bag and pulling everything out is another one of her favorite activities.  I often find her playing with my wallet.

 She loves her "bear bear".  Grayson has helped to nurture this bad habit.  He loves to bring her the bear anytime she whines or cries.  So when she gets tired, she quickly heads to her room to pull "bear bear" out of her crib.

 She got a new chair for her birthday and absolutely LOVES it.  I often find her in her room sitting in her chair with her books and babies. 
 She's starting to play with Little People, so she particularly likes this dollhouse. 

A few more favorites:  shoes and brushing her teeth.  
She has started to say the word "shoes" and loves to pull out her collection and attempt to try them on. 
And whenever I mention brushing her teeth, she gets really excited and makes her way to the bathroom.
Our little girl is growing up so quickly.    She's such an active little thing with a BIG personality! 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Circus Fun

 The circus came to town last weekend.  Mimi and Papa were here for one night, so we treated them to a night out.  Grayson slowly warmed up to the carnival rides.  Caroline just hung out and observed from the stroller.
 His favorite ride of all was the roller coaster that he rode with daddy!
 He even rode some rides by himself. 

 Finally, we enjoyed watching the circus acts.  He was most excited to see the clowns and he did not leave disappointed.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


 Isn't she lovely?  This is how she looks after eating spaghetti.  This must be a 2nd child thing, because I never would have allowed Grayson to get this messy while eating!
 Caroline still loves driving the car.
Grayson is improving his drawing skills.  I was impressed when he showed me the "man" that he drew on his own.
 This past weekend we celebrated my 31st birthday!  It was very relaxing as I didn't have to cook any meals and Chad cleaned the house for me!  I actually took a nap in our hammock!  It was so nice!
 And my neighbor brought these beautiful hydrangeas over yesterday.  
They make me smile!