Thursday, August 27, 2009

Grayson is such a snuggle bug. He loves to give hugs now. Chad took this pic right before bedtime--he was being so sweet so I just had to hold him a few minutes before putting him down!
Grayson wearing his cute Sunday outfit. Sorry you can't really see it--he loves laying on his belly now.
Grayson in his blue jeans for the first time. I've been dying to put these on him--they are so cute! He can finally wear them now but they're still a little long. They'll be perfect this fall. Mimi thinks he looks like a "little man " when he wears clothes like this. I think he looks like a big boy!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

5 Months Old

Well, it looks as if Grayson is outgrowing his favorite toy!! I can't leave him alone for a second now because it seems like something like this is always happening!!

Trick or treat!! Grayson is practicing for Halloween!! I found this giraffe outfit at a consignment sale for $2.00!! When I put him in it, he just sat there real still--like he wasn't sure what to do. I hope he doesn't outgrow it. I was a little surprised at how well it fit--it's a 6-9 month outfit!! We've still got 2 months to go! Hopefully, he'll still be able to wear it. If not, I guess he'll just have to enjoy wearing it around the house.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chick Fil A Grand Opening!

We made it to our 3rd Chick-fil-A Grand opening and it was our first with Grayson. He did great! He loved being outside all day! Amazingly he took his naps and slept through the night despite the constant noise of the band playing, people talking, balls bouncing, children screaming, etc.
We left at 4:00am on Wed. morning to arrive in Ellijay at 5:00am. To our surprise, there were 275 people in line by 6:00am. Unfortunately, they had to do a raffle for the first 100 people and out of the 5 people we were with, I was the only one that made it in. So, Chad and I started setting up camp after having to say goodbye to our friends--we were really disappointed, but happy that at least 1 of us made it.
It was a very long day with cold rain in the morning and steaming heat in the afternoon. It finally cooled down that night and was very comfortable. We had a good time meeting some new people and eating free Chick-fil-A all day long. Word is definately spreading about these openings and it seems to be getting harder and harder to get into. Nonetheless, if you do make it in, it is definately worth the wait--we walked away with 52 coupons for free #1 Combo meals. Yum!!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Nope! Not crawling yet, but he sure is trying hard! Grayson is 5 months old now and he's been very busy this past week with lots of firsts!! He started blowing bubbles this week and making lots of new noises with his mouth-he can entertain himself this way for a long time!!
He also loves to be in charge of taking his bottle now--pulling the bottle to his mouth and away from his mouth--this leads to a much longer feeding time! Speaking of feeding, he now loves bananas with rice cereal!! Yum! This week he gets to try sweet potatoes--I'm sure that will be pretty!
He's really good at pulling his mommy's hair and burrowing his head into her chest--he pretends to be shy sometimes--I have to admit, it's very sweet!
We're also very excited that he is now sleeping 11-12 hours at night!!!
And just today...I laid him down for an afternoon nap on his back (because this is the way he's been sleeping lately). About 10 minutes later, I heard him making talking noises so I went in to check on him and he was on his tummy pushing up on his elbows! He had flipped from back to tummy! Another first!! So I'm sure things will get interesting from here on out.... he's growing so quickly!
Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that he's really good at sucking his toes! Yuck!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Pics

We made a trip to Clinton this weekend to visit with Mimi and Papa.

Here's Grayson with great-grandmama and daddymac.

Grayson--ready for more rice cereal. He's also enjoying avocado these days.

We also got to see Gray, Seth, and their new little baby--Hamilton. While we were at the Taylor's house, Grayson did his first belly laugh. He's been giving us a chuckle here and there and lots of smiles, but this was the first real laugh. Little Claire was there and he thought she was so funny! By the time I got out my video camera, he was already laughed out, but I got a little bit of a laugh. It was so cute!!!