Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fall Update

So sorry we haven't written anything since summer!! We no longer have internet access at home, so it makes it difficult.

We just got back from a weekend trip to Gatlinburg. My whole family went--even my grandparents, so it was a great time to catch up!

Chad and I were so ready for a break. We've been remodeling our master bathroom and we really needed a weekend when we didn't have to wake up early and go to Home Depot!!
We went to Cade's Cove twice while we were gone. The weather was perfect and it was beautiful!!

It was so nice to be able to sleep in and just relax!! We watched a lot of football--which was also nice for a change. We were so happy to see the Tigers win and Carolina lose!! Our Saturdays are usually consumed with electrical, plumbing, installing toilets....etc.!

Work is going well for both of us. Chad may have an opportunity in the near future to travel overseas for work. We'll keep you posted!

I am very thankful to have my team teacher back from maternity leave. We are down to 18 students in our class--which is great! We've had alot of students leave because of the crackdown on illegal immigrants--which is the majority of my class.

I am posting some pics of our bathroom so far because I've had some requests. It doesn't look like we've done alot--but I asure you that we have!!! We tore out our closet so that we could build a separate tub and shower. So, we've had to redo all the plumbing and electrical. We've installed the tub, so our next step is to put drywall up. Then it will look alot better, but I'll keep you posted.