Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mountain Weekend

This past weekend I got to get away with a precious lady from my church. The men from our church had a retreat this weekend so we went without our husbands to a beautiful cabin in the mountains. Her 2 children came along and they each got to bring a friend. So, Kay and I had the whole weekend just to sit around and chat. It was wonderful!!! She is an amazing woman with so much wisdom that the Lord, by His grace, has given her.
We shared scripture and talked about everything under the sun! It was so refreshing! The Lord has been so faithful to me and Chad to bring this family into our lives to disciple us. Chad has been discipled by her husband for about 2 years now. We are so thankful for them!!!
Chad also learned so much over the weekend at the retreat. It was so rewarding to come back together and share all the things that we both had learned.

This weekend my parents are coming into town. Chad and my dad plan on finishing the laundry room. I'm sure me and my mom will enjoy spending some time shopping!! We also plan on working in the nursery a little. Maybe I'll have some pictures to share soon!