Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sunroom Floor!!

I finally have a sunroom floor! I finished up grouting and sealing the tile this week. We absolutely love it!! I can't wait to start decorating soon. This weekend we will be installing door moldings and baseboards. Then I will have some painting to do next week. It's such a slow process but very much worth it!

The dogs are even enjoying it!! We're dogsitting this week, so Dakota is loving the company.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Braves Game

Yay! We made it to a Braves game this year with Adam and Bentley and Ella. We didn't pay too much attention to the game--it was just so nice to be outside!!

Chad and I have been working really hard to get our sunroom floor finished. We're almost there! We have finished tiling and grouting. Now we just need to install baseboards, mouldings, and doors. It looks great!! I'm really excited to get in there and start decorating!! I'll have pictures posted soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Home Again

Sunday night we all decided to go to the pool. They absolutely love the pool--I think they could stay in it all day!

After giving baths and putting kids to bed, Chad got very sick. He must have gotten some kind of stomach virus. It was awful! He was up all throughout the night. The next morning I had to call the grandmother and tell her to come get the kids. I definately didn't want them getting sick too. So...our time with the Neimans has been cut short. They will be staying with their grandparents the rest of the week. We had fun but we are definately enjoying our time being back at home!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hangin' in There

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. I finally had a chance to sit down and take a breath. We've stayed very busy this past week and this weekend. My favorite time of day is when Chad comes home from work. He's great to help take the little ones off my hands. Thankfully he was able to take the day off on Friday so we loaded up and went to the YMCA pool. It was great! It's like a mini water park! The kids loved it and were pretty worn out by that afternoon.

Some families in our church have been so gracious to invite us over or to help us out by keeping the older children. We all went over to some friend's house on Friday night. Chad and I were grateful to be around adults and the older kids were able to play with their friends. Caleb, the oldest hurt his leg and ended up having to get a tetanus shot and antibiotics the next day. It was quite an adventure!

But.. everyone is well now. We've had some explosive diapers and Chad has not yet been brave enough to change one of those. He's getting some experience with the wet ones, though.

We have 2 more days here. I will be very ready to sleep in my own bed and be back on my schedule. The Lord has definately been faithful to give us strength to get through each day.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gettin' Some Experience!!

So...the week is finally here!! Chad and I are keeping the 5 Neiman children while their parents are away on a mission trip to Peru. Caleb (9), Luke (7), Lydia (5), Daniel (2), Peter (1).It has actually gone really well so far. The 3 oldest are alot of help but I learned really quickly that I have to keep them busy. If not, they like to wrestle and roll around on the floor which makes me very nervous!! We're going to go swimming alot and start a Father's Day project for their dad. They are really into making things and being creative--which is great!!

The 2 year old (almost 3!) is my biggest challenge. He's potty training--which has been interesting to say the least!! We've had 2 stinky big boy pants in 2 days!!! I'm not giving up, though! And he's recovering from hives. He has quite a temper and shows it alot!

The 1 year old is the most perfect baby!! He's always happy and laughing and content wherever he is!! He goes down for 2 naps with out any fuss--which makes my life much easier!!

So we have different "trips" planned for each day this week (swimming, library, etc.). Our trip for today was the YMCA pool. So..we all got ready (which took about an hour!!), and headed out to the van to discover a flat tire!! Hopefully Chad will be able to fix it tonight! We ended up walking to their neighborhood pool which wasn't so bad--there's just no life guard there and I really have to watch all 5 (a little challenging!).

Last night we all prayed together before bed and it was so sweet to hear all the children praying for their mommy and daddy. They miss their parents so much! What an amazing testimony to their children ---that their parents are willing to leave them for 2 weeks to obey God and serve others in another country. These children are really learning alot about trusting in the Lord!! And so are me and Chad!!!

Oh yeah--Dakota is here too, of course. They are really loving having her around!!

We'll keep you updated!!

Update #2

So I guess I spoke too soon. Last night after their mom called from Peru and talked to them, Lydia got so sad. She was crying uncontrollably which resulted in her throwing up 4 times! We did get the tire fixed so that was huge!!

Today we went to a friend's house to swim, which was great!! I got to have adult conversation and I had help watching the little ones.

We are surviving...

Well, I need to go because Daniel and Peter are up from their nap.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Girl's Weekend

We had a great weekend in Greenville this past weekend. I got to hang out with college friends and Chad spent the weekend with my little brother.

We had so much fun catching up and getting to meet little Haley and Reagan.

We ran into Erin at church so we got to hang out with her for the night.
Fun times!!