Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer Road Trip and Back to Reality

We made it back from our trip out west---and we had a great time! We started in Las Vegas, NV where we got to walk along the boulevard and see all the huge casinos. We walked in a few of them and really enjoyed watching the fountains at the Bellagio.

However, after a night in Vegas we were ready to move on!

So...we traveled the next day to Sedona, Arizona --stopping along the way at Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.We camped in Oak Creek Canyon-one of America's top 5 most beautiful scenic views--enough said!!

Day 3 we traveled to Flagstaff and then to the Grand Canyon. We were amazed by the Grand Canyon and loved camping at the national park.

We hiked down into the canyon 1.5 miles and saw some great views--it was incredible!!

The next day we traveled to Lake Powell. We rented a kayak and got to weave in and out of canyons and jump off of cliffs. We loved being at the water--it was so refreshing to cool off and take a break from hiking.
After kayaking, we headed 2 hours to Bryce Canyon National Park. It was very unique and we loved it! We got to hike down into the hoodoos (the weird shaped rocks)--which was alot of fun!
From there, we headed to Zion National Park for 2 days. There were several great hiking trails there. The first was hiking through a river down between cliffs that kept getting narrower. At the end of the trail, it gets so narrow, your body can't fit through.

Our favorite trail was the Angels Landing Trail. It was a hike straight up a cliff and the last part of it was an 800 foot drop on one side and a 1200 foot drop on the other side. The trail to hike on was only 3 feet wide. So there was a chain for you to use for support. The view from the top was amazing!! It was a very strenuous trail , but it was very much worth it!
We really had a great time and would love to go back out west soon! There's still so much we want to see!!

For now, we're both back to work. I (Mollie) started school this week. I'm still teaching Kindergarten and I have 17 kids along with my coteacher (who will be having a baby any time now!!). Pray for me as my coteacher leaves for a few months. I will have a substitute, but it just won't be the same.

Chad is staying busy as usual. I guess what's consuming most of his mind now is the fact that we have started remodeling our master bathroom. He completed demolition when we got home and so hopefully, in a few months, we'll have a brand new master bath. It's going to be pretty major so I'll keep you updated.