Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm really bad at this--so sorry!!

Okay, so I knew that I would not be very good at updating our blog! To be honest..there has not been anything really interesting going on lately.

We've just been extremely busy the last few months. We're still trying to finish up our master bathroom. The past few weekends we haven't had a chance to work because we had other things going on--friends having babies, weddings, babysitting...

We are tiling our shower which is very time consuming, but hopefully it will be well worth it in the end (we're praying for no leaks!!).

At the end of March, we will be starting on our sunroom floor. My parents are coming for about a week to help us get started. That's very exciting! We will be basically building a floor and will tile the sunroom and kitchen so it will be one big room. I also plan on painting it again--I don't really like the color I painted it a few years ago. I'm sure that project will take us well into the summer. At least we've had some help from Dakota!!

So..I will try to keep you updated! Like I said..nothing really interesting right now! So sorry.

We have had fun lately dressing Dakota up!! She's so big--she looks like a person (and she thinks she is, too!!)