Monday, October 29, 2012

Reformation Celebration!

 We had so much fun this year at our church's Reformation Celebration.  The kids were both at great ages to actually participate and enjoy it.  They were dressed as things God created--so we had a flower and a spider!

 Caroline had fun wrestling with Crimson after dinner.  They made a great match for each other.  Being the second child in both families, they are rough and tough!!

 And Grayson was smitten with this princess--chasing her around. At this point, I think they were both tired.
What a fun night with our church family!


kenzie said...

whenever Crimson or Caroline have a lot of pent up energy, we'll just get together for a wrestling match :) we had fun too

Sarah and Drew said...

Cute! However, I feel slightly doomed that Ruby will be rough and tumbly like her big bros!